DNA & Approach
New approaches to DNA protection using the achievements of the Nobel Prizes and the latest scientific developments and technologies
About the company
DANDA Pharma is an international team of well-known experts in medicine,
pharmacology, biophysics and artificial intelligence.
Our key advantage is a close collaboration between scientists from different countries which ultimately increasing the efficacy of our production. For example, our employers had proposed a method of activation of plant raw materials with alternative magnetic resonance. Also, we are working on the increasing of biologic availability and stability of our unique drug ingredients with the use of microcapsules and nanocapsules.
Our company follows all international quality standards in making our products. We
check efficacy, microbiologic state, and absence of heavy metals, dissolvents, allergens,
genetically modified organisms, toxic elements and pesticides in our ingredients. In our
products, we use exclusively natural and eco-friendly ingredients.
What's the company doing?
DANDA Pharma is in charge of every step of manufacturing our biologically active
additives and other natural drugs: from raw materials to the product you see on the
counter. We minimize our negative influence on the environment using a unique
method of plasma cleaning of chemically contaminated wastewater which does not
have any known analogs in the whole world. Our ingredients are exceptionally safe and
valuable components from the seabed, rare plants and herbal extracts.
DANDA Pharma does significant scientific and technological work to make your life better!