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— molecular rejuvenation factor
DANDA Pharma is working with the leading experts in medicine, pharmacology,
molecular biology, biophysics and artificial intelligence from Germany and Russia. As a
result of this collaboration, the unique physiologically active molecule CYC-8 was
developed and became a key ingredient in a biologically active additive OYOX.
Clinical effects of OYOX
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Restores and stabilizes telomeres, which are protective elements of the chromosomes
Improves brain function, learning skills, long-term and short-term memory, decreases irritability
Protects from DNA transcription errors
Activates cellular and humoral immunity
Restores collagen structure, ligaments and bones
Improves wound healing
(can be used as an element of post-surgical care)
Promotes body recovery after steroid and antibiotic use
Restores functioning of the nervous system after strenuous exercise or excessive stress
Increases stamina
Protects the liver from alcohol, drugs and toxins metabolites
Сan be used as an additive for the treatment of atherosclerosis, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases
Is a strong antioxidant
Helps you feel younger
(restores your energy levels, improves sleep quality)
The target effect of this biological additive is achieved even while taking into account the chromosome and chromatin changes after the age of 35. This excluded
completely the possibility of hyperactivation of CYC-8 and led to physiological restoration of telomere length, which, in turn, increases the mitotic potential of the cells, lowering the replication errors in people above the age 35.
What is unique about OYOX?

The key ingredient of OYOX is a CYC-8 molecule with increased bioactivity. It is
produced with an innovative German technology of direct activation of herbal essence (the
method is patented by DANDA Pharma).

The unique action of CYC-8 is a result of combined magnetic field polarization
(CMP). CMP has its targeted action on Ca 2+ , K + and H + ions, which in turn increase the
activity of herbal and animal enzymes and promote regeneration in primitive organisms
such as planaria, and proliferate the stem cells in vivo and in vitro.

With tuning on Ca 2+ we were able to activate our raw material,while the use of К + -
tuning enabled its inhibition. As a result, our pharmaceutical product is perfectly balanced.
To increase the bioavailability of our product, we homogenize our raw plant
material Astragaloside IV – Cycloastragenol by putting it into an artificial layer composed
from perftoran nanoemulsion, which has the same characteristics as the extracellular
matrix. Afterward, we use a controlled, combined magnetic field with alternating
resonance to control the activation of the molecules. Activated substances have a greater
level of bioavailability and bioactivity compared to those that stay non-activated.

Danda Pharma had invited talented IT specialists to develop OYOX with the
implementation of artificial intelligence to control and analyze the pharmaceutical impact
of the drug. We developed a special neural network with a deep learning ATECH-
algorithm and a high calculation capability, which can determine hidden correlations of
the parameters even if they do not extend out of the reference norms.

The analysis of OYOX allowed us to make a prognosis of the changes in the human
body while using OYOX, as well as to determine the actual effect of the drug and its
prospective features. This research had proven the high effectiveness of physiologically
active molecule in OYOX. It was shown to restore normal functioning of the body on
epigenetic, molecular and cellular levels and as a result to modulate complex mechanisms
of homeostasis.

Herbal ingredients of OYOX:

Molecule CYC-8, which is a key ingredient of OYOX, is a compounded substance
produced from several natural ingredients that complement each other and provide a
balanced effect on the body:

- cycloastragenol – highly purified essence of the plant of life (Astragalus
Membranaceus).It has been used for thousands of years in Chinese traditional medicine as
an antimicrobial and firming agent. It is also widely known to effectively regulate body

- phosphatidylserine – one of the cellular membranes lipid. It plays an important
role in the processes of activation, regeneration, synthesis, and release of neuromediators,
as well as increases motility of a lipid bilayer, and as a consequence increases the rate of
molecular regeneration and intracellular signaling cascades;

-L-theanine – supports the supply of the glial cells of the brain with active
substances. Proper regeneration of glial cells leads to improved memory, decrease of
anxiety and sleep cycle normalization.

- Selexen – easily absorbable source of selenium. Selenium is necessary for normal
functioning of the active domain of PER protein, which in turn modulates normal
circadian rhythm. In 2017 the Nobel Prize was awarded for the discovery of PER and its
functioning. Organic molecule selenite is a source of selenocysteine and through a reaction
with vitamins, enzymes and biological membranes it effectively regulates lipids, proteins,
carbohydrates and metabolism. The addition of 5-HTP selexen stabilizes the biological
rhythm of the hypothalamus, synchronizes the functioning of all tissues and organs, as
well as induces melatonin synthesis and secretion. Melatonin is a hormone of sleep, which
facilitates deeper sleep and easier awakening.

The action of OYOX:

Due to both the precise biological functioning of OYOX and nature of
chromosomal protection from transcription errors, the former can restore decreased
functioning of the whole body, which commonly occurs due to age-related changes.
OYOX helps the body to work more effectively on its homeostasis and to coordinate
its molecular functioning directed to restore the dynamic balance and functional stability
of nervous, immune, endocrine, cardiovascular and urinary systems.

OYOX is not just an additive. On the contrary, it can work on its own: a perfect
solution fot the problems that commonly arrive with age since it balances and stabilizes
the functioning of organ systems. Once the balance is reached, the body can regenerate
more properly.

Perfect dosing and synergy of the ingredients of the CYC-8 molecule are
responsible for its antioxidative functioning. The molecule also takes part in:

- Maintaining function of the biological membranes
- Metabolic processes
- Control of the cholesterol synthesis
- Cellular division
- Synthesis of endogenic bioactive substances
- Intracellular signaling

Due to the unique physiologic action of OYOX intron-exon mechanisms, there is an
activation of genetic mechanisms leading to transcription of necessary structural proteins
with a maximal regeneration potential, similar to a natural process in young adults.

Mechanism of OYOX functioning:

Contrary to popular belief, the immune system is not only a protective barrier from
infectious diseases but also a regulator of the processes within the body. In some
situations, it activates the functioning of the organism, but in others – it suppresses these
functions. Thus our immune cells, in the same manner as neurons or endocrine cells,
coordinate the functions of the body systems, not only increasing the resistance to
infections but also improving overall health, metabolism, and adaptation to physical and
mental stress.

On guard of immunity

OYOX helps to balance immune activation and suppression through epigenetic
mechanisms and without any changes to DNA structure, which leads to direct effects on
the following processes:

- CYC- 8 obtained after processing the semi-liquid essence of Ca2+ CMP has a
statistically significant effect on peripheral blood of volunteers. With the effect lasting up
to 36 hours, it increases a CD4/CD8 ratio and a lymphocyte/ neutrophils ratio, without
increasing the total number of leukocytes in the peripheral blood. At the same time, not
only is an increase of succinate dehydrogenase detected but also an increase (although, not
constant) of formazan, due primarily to single-electron leaks. These leaks reduce
nitrozoleum blue, which in turn points to a level of activity of the oxidative burst. The
level of activation depends on the frequency of CMP. In our case scenario, when we
shifted the frequency from the resonance maximum, there was no activation of immunity
at all, which indicates how important the influence of the magnetic field is. We managed
to dry the essence in a way that would not disturb the hydrate coat of the Ca 2+ ions and
preserve the activated state of these ions.

- CYC-8 has a significant effect on the respiratory system - specifically, it leads to a
reduction in the amount of excess mucous and stabilizes the mast cell membranes by
suppressing mTORC1 protein.

Because of the worsening of the immune system with age and a level of decrease in
the leukocyte functioning, immune system begins to require some booster with age. CYC-
8 takes fulfills this role by increasing the production of the T-lymphocytes and B-
lymphocytes through the Src/MEK/ERK mechanisms in cells with the critical length of
telomeres. In turn, leukocytes are promoting specific cellular and humoral immunity.
Thereby OYOX is an intelligent assistant for your health and well-being. It calms
down the hyperactivated immune system in patients with autoimmune, allergic or
neurodegenerative disorders, as well as activates the system in immunodeficient states.

Healthy cardiovascular system

Immune cells are an essential part of our bloodstream, and as such they inevitably
contact and directly interact with the vessels and the heart. Some pathologies wouldn't
even exist without the participation of the immune cells. Accumulation of leukocytes and
an increase of the production of free radicals are two important risk factors for plenty of
different pathological processes, such as a myocardial infarction or atherosclerosis. The
target effect of OYOX leads to a decreased destructive effect of the free radicals produced
by leukocytes, simultaneously fastening the rehabilitation of patients after myocardial
infarction due to its aid in healing the affected parts of the myocardium by activating the
Hedgehog and TGF-beta signaling pathways. It also leads to the restoration of the blood
circulation due to increased vascular endothelial growth factor production. Additionally,
OYOX decreases the expression of adhesion molecules on the endothelial surface and thus
renders a significant prophylactic effect in preventing atherosclerotic plug formation.
Therefore, it is hard to underestimate the importance of OYOX in cardiovascular
disease prevention such as atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction and other age-related
changes of the vasculature.

Nerves of steel

OYOX has an important neuroimmunological influence on an organism. CYC-8 is
capable of crossing the brain-blood barrier and improving brain functioning. CYC-8,
vitamin C and resveratrol have a direct antioxidative action, causing a decrease in the free
radicals level in immune cells because of an activation of an antioxidant signal pathway
and inhibiting NADPH-oxidase. The use of OYOX after a stroke leads to the restoration of
blood circulation in the brain. CYC increases the lifespan of properly functioning neurons
and stimulates the division of the new ones by suppressing presenilin-1 protein and the
start of the mechanism playing an important role in cellular cycle and metabolism.

Also, CYC-8 improves nerve conduction in the damaged areas of the brain, which is
a key mechanism of protection from dementia and other neurological diseases. An
additional effect of OYOX is maintaining of PER protein – the main regulation factor of
biological rhythms. This regulation results in synchronization of the physiological activity
of all tissues and organs of the body and influences melatonin secretion (sleep hormone).
Another component of OYOX is a natural amino acid L-Theanine. This substance
supports glial cells and promotes their regeneration; it also helps to normalize the
neuromediatric concentrations for the proper activation and suppression of the brain.

Because of all these potent ingredients and their unique mixture OYOX promotes all
vital processes in neurons and prevents their premature death. It also improves memory
and increases concentration, physical and mental performance, as well as helps to prevent
neurologic disorders and depression.

OYOX provides the necessary environment for the generation and conduction of
nerve impulses and helps to reach an efficiency of the metabolic processes of the neuron
itself, helping to form new synapses. The effect of this is proved in clinical trials - an
increase in short-term memory by 11% and long-term memory by 8%, which results in the
increase of the IQ coefficient. Participants also noted a general improvement in their well-
being, normalization of sleep, improved memory, and decreased irritability.

Living your maximum life-span

CYC-8 prolongs the life of the cells with shortened telomeres by launching the Src /
MEK / ERK mechanisms in cells with critical telomere lengths, ensuring active longevity.
As a result, OYOX slows down the aging process and begins the biosynthesis of the
structural components in connective tissue.

OYOX prevents aging of the skin by initiating the process of molecular restoration
of cell membranes and synthesis of structural components of the intercellular matrix -
collagen and elastin. This effect is reached by suppressing the expression of matrix
metalloproteinase-1, which, in turn, prevents degradation of type 1 procollagen factor-beta
and elastin.

The components of the OYOX will teach your immune system to work without
failures, to synchronize all organ systems and to bring the body to a new level of function.


OYOX is produced according to GMP and ISO 22 000.

We promote a careful selection of plant components only through manufacturers
from ecologically wealthy areas.

We strictly control the quality of our raw materials. We do not accept the presence
of any genetically modified organisms, toxic elements or pesticides. We care a great deak
about the authenticity and quality of our raw plant materials.

Physiologically active compounds are mixed and packaged in smart capsules, the
contents of which are released in the small intestine. This is done to help the active
compounds not to break down before reaching the distal part of the gastrointestinal tract,
where the additive should be absorbed.

Because of these precautionary designs, it becomes possible to maximize the
bioavailability of the ingredients. Smart capsules called Capsylgel (made in Belgium) have
a vegetarian, kosher and halal certificates since they do not have animal protein in their
composition, unlike mass-produced capsules from many other pharmaceutical companies.


The package contains 60 capsules

Recommended age 35+


The drug does not accumulate in the body

For the restoration of the energy levels

Take 1 capsule twice a day (morning and evening), 20-30 minutes before a meal.

The optimal course is 2 months a year

In stressful situations and jetlag

If you are already taking a course of OYOX and there is an occurrence of situational
stress, the dosage of the product should be temporarily increased.

- 2 capsules in the morning and 1 capsule in the evening for 2-5 days.

For age-related changes

The optimal course of taking the OYOX is 3 months according to the following

- 1 capsule twice a day (morning and evening), 20-30 minutes before meals for 14 days

- 2 capsules twice a day (morning and evening) 20-30 minutes before meals for 14 days

- 1 capsule twice a day (morning and evening), 20-30 minutes before eating until the
completion of the optimal course


Due to the high biological accuracy of the OYOX action, the functioning of the
whole organism is being restored. The drug helps to prevent the aging process and to
protect the cell from DNA transcription errors during cell division.

OYOX gives the body the ability to maintain its internal homeostasis through
coordinated molecular reactions, as well as to maintain the dynamic balance and
functional stability of the nervous, immune, hormonal, cardiovascular and excretory

OYOX is not an additional, but an independent tool for solving age-related changes
in the body, since by reaching the balance the human body is capable of physiologically
normal regeneration of tissues, collagen and fibrillar protein, producing optimal levels of
neurotransmitters, enzymes and hormones, which stimulates the healthy process of the
body as a whole.

The OYOX, unlike numerous other dietary supplements, underwent both repeated
testing in laboratory settings and repeated clinical trials on volunteers.

OYOX is a bridge between prolonging an active life and using medications.

DANDA Pharma has introduced new standards in the development and creation of
the drug, bringing together international experts and specialists. The resulting product
meets the highest requirements of efficiency and safety.What is unique about OYOX?