Database & Achivements
Danda Pharma has implemented artificial intelligence technologies to process clinical research data
Research & Development
We create high-tech products by implementing our experience in the field of natural sciences and using the achievements of the Nobel Prize.
DANDA Pharma is a company that focuses on the quality of its products. We keep abreast of the latest scientific developments and use them at different stages of our product development. We are always looking for unique bioactive compounds that will help you to stay in great shape and tone for a long time.
How do we do that?
DANDA Pharma - research laboratories, green technologies, European production according to GMP standards, ISO 22 000 and clinical trials that meet high international standards. A modern pharmaceutical company, which is characterized by high requirements for clinical trials of marketed drugs.
In addition, we are one of the few companies to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for processing clinical research data as we develop innovative bioactive additives. ATECH's unique neural networks, created by our experts, allow us to find hidden patterns in the data. We are now developing AI algorithms that will be used at all stages of production, from the search for active ingredients to the personalized selection of accurate dosages depending on the genotypic and phenotypic profile of the consumer.
DANDA Pharma does a lot of scientific and technological work to make your life better!